Our Big Sponsor Announcement!

Tweet It is with a great sense of appreciation that I can announce that we have secured our primary European sponsor for The Ultimate Train Challenge…. Eurail.com! Eurail.com is the premier online sales agent of ‘Eurail Passes’ in the world. For the few that haven’t heard of them, here are the basics on Eurail Passes: [...]

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Italian Train Travel, from an Expert

Tweet You’ve probably heard the line about how the Italian dictator Mussolini might not have been a very nice guy, but “at least he made the trains run on time,” right? This saying is trotted out at regular intervals, especially when one is in Italy and there’s a rail strike that’s halted all trains – [...]

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Train Travel is at the Top of My List

Tweet When it comes to vacations, most people automatically think of flying. Personally, flying isn’t my first choice. However, I am willing to fly if I’ve got travel insurance and a train trip waiting for me upon my arrival. Most of us have a demanding profession that comes with more than its share of rules [...]

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Hopping the Midnight Train

Tweet Losing my train hopping v-card I first illegally hopped on a freight train a few years back. It was early September and I had a few days off work. I was living in Victoria, B.C. on the west coast of Canada. One of my best friends had just returned to the University of Calgary [...]

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African Train Experience (Kapiri to Dar es Salaam)

African trains are as unique of an experience as Africa itself. The movie Blood Diamondmade famous the phrase “T.I.A.,” which means “This is Africa.” Basically, it is a shorthand way for essentially saying, “chill out — things just go wrong here all the time — deal with it.”

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