Bonus Competitions

If this were just an endurance test to see who could sit on trains the longest and farthest, there would be little reason for you to be interested about the trip.  Fortunately, going for the record is just one part of this trip.  We are going to have a couple different types of ongoing challenges that will add some spice, fun, and humor to this crazy little quest.

One of the concepts I am really excited about is having everyone participate in a scavenger hunt.

Although everyone is going to spend hundreds of hours on trains, a good number of the objects of these

Scavenger Hunt:

  • photo of Russian train attendant giving you a hug or kiss
  • photo of you with someone in a military or police uniform
  • ticket to a museum
  • karoyke video
  • video of you doing shots of alcohol with Russians on a train
  • video of you dancing a local/native dance with a local
  • menu printed in foreign language — multiples count in other languages/countries
  • hospital gown
  • business card from some government official — bonus for accompanying picture
  • picture of you in train engine car
  • bottle of French, German or Italian wine, bought in one of those countries
  • photos of you in funny hats, different locations, bonus for actual hat at finish line
  • pictures of cans of Coca-Cola in multiple languages
  • picture with a bride
  • picture of you riding an animal
  • Russian nesting dolls — babushka dolls
  • postcard (points for every country you get)
  • photos with locals eating meals in their home