The Dirty Word that Must Not Be Uttered

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One thing I hate doing while traveling is making solid plans in advance. It goes against the core of my being, which is a combination of fear of committment and procrastination.

It is a combination that has served me well over the years, though those that have had to deal with me in my life might be less sanguine about the combination.

Planning is a dirty word in my book

So while Day 1 on the Ultimate Train Challenge was a bit of a logistical pratfall, it did teach me something important. I am going to have to make plans.

Having as one of our main sponsors is amazing. Their Eurail Pass product is a life and budget saver. Example? The last two trains I caught yesterday from Barcelona to Nabonne, France would have cost a total of 141.50 Euros. They cost me 13 Euros with my Eurail Pass.

Eurail.come rocks if you want to ride some trains in Europe. logoThe other side of that, and my learning experience, is that my complete lack of planning isn’t going to work that well. I wasn’t able to catch a few trains in the last couple days, because they were booked. Hopefully, that will get a little better in the next week or two as summer ends and people go back to work, but I am quickly learning that I need to book the routes where you need reservations (at this point, that is a lot of Spain and France and all overnight trains) at least a day or two in advance.

No worries, I can do a little bit of planning and foresight… as long as I can go back to normal in a few weeks.

Now, I am headed off on the afternoon train to Bordeaux. I’ll get there a couple days later than planned, but I’ll still be drinking wine and smoking a cigar in the wine capital of the world tonight.

And I am thinking I might dash off to the boot of Italy in 2 days.

Anyone been? Any suggestions?  Looking for a smaller town, either on the sea or in the hills, to sit and have a glass or three of wine and contemplate how damn lucky I am.

Your ideas are more than welcomed. Thanks.

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One Response to The Dirty Word that Must Not Be Uttered

  1. Nomadic Samuel September 5, 2011 at 6:18 am #

    I hate planning as well but I suppose given your conditions it’s an absolute must. Enjoy that cigar tonight with your wine!
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