Sympathy Points? Scavenger Hunt Appeal

This freeze frame was shot in Seville in the heart of downtown at the historic Catedral de Sevilla, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.  It was probably 9:30 at night and what met me was pandemonium.  There was an eager crowd of family and friends, flash bulbs popping off to capture the bride and groom as they emerged from the chapel area.  I seriously wondered if they were Spanish celebrities.

In other words, Michael, it was difficult for little me to barrel through a mob and ask for a picture with the bride.   You think he’ll at least give me a half point for the effort?  Okay, let me appeal to your sympathetic ears, after all I was probably, highly likely, robbed.  Don’t I deserve a freebie?

I’m learning that ‘downtown’ in some European cities doesn’t have the same meaning that it does back home.  See, in North America ‘downtown’ usually means the business district that everyone leaves for the outskirts come quitting time.  Not so in Seville, and same thing in Barcelona (if memory serves correctly). Car access  has been cut off in downtown Seville to preserve the other historic buildings from car pollution and this leaves it a pedestrian only.  Man, I loved that.  It’s where all the action takes place in Seville, instead of in the boring suburbs.

And I tell you, this girl watched flamenco in a state of wonder and awe.  I’ll never be the same again.

Thanks to Eurail for making this European leg of the Ultimate Train Challenge possible. And remember – we’re doing this for a good cause. If you buy your Eurail pass through our site, they’ll donate $10 to our chosen charity. Click here for more info

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  1. Phil September 7, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    I think a half point is fair :) Loving the updates so far!
    Phil recently posted..What’s Next for me