One Week on the Trans-Manchurian (Nora’s Perspective)

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Almost 150 hours of straight train travel. This can drive the most balanced of individuals to insanity given the right (or wrong) circumstances.

Luckily, we’re already insane! (I think the concept of traveling 25,000kms across about a dozen countries in 30 days is proof enough of that).

Although this train is regularly referred to as the Trans-Siberian, the actual route we are taking (around the top of Mongolia and through Manchuria) is more accurately referred to as the Trans-Manchurian. It is 8,986km (5,623 miles), and involves 145 hours and 37 minutes of straight train travel.

Give or take,

Here is my account of the trip.

Please click here to read my blow-by-blow of the Trans-Manchurian experience.

One Week on the Trans-Manchurian Train

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A reminder and a thank you. Think part of our journey was sponsored and made possible by the wonderful folks at Real Russia, U.K. It was a honor to work with them and a joy to pick their brains for their expertise along the way.


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