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One Week on the Trans-Manchurian (Nora’s Perspective)

Tweet Almost 150 hours of straight train travel. This can drive the most balanced of individuals to insanity given the right (or wrong) circumstances. Luckily, we’re already insane! (I think the concept of traveling 25,000kms across about a dozen countries in 30 days is proof enough of that). Although this train is regularly referred to […]

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Trans-Manchurian Experience via Video for the UTC

Tweet The bonuses to spending six straight days confined to a train cabin or two is that you have plenty of time to think, reflect, and in this particular journey, to learn. Jeannie and Nora are both experienced video bloggers, so I have now picked up a new technology semi-obsession – video. Here is my […]

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Trans-Manchurian: The Trailer

Tweet What an adventure the week-long Trans-Manchurian from Moscow to Beijing was! We’re still reeling (literally and figuratively with hours of video and photos to process) from the experience. But we’ve not much time to process anything, as the race is still on! We’re on a tight schedule to get to Saigon in time, and we’re […]

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Crossing the Russia/China Border at Zabaykalsk

Tweet Well, we have now all been on this train since just before midnight on September 17th, traversing all the way across Russia on the Trans-Manchurian Railway. Supposedly, as this post is going up (it was written and scheduled while we were in Moscow), we are supposedly crossing the Russia and China border at Zabaykalsk. The […]

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A Warm Welcome to Russia and China via Real Russia UK

Tweet The Ultimate Train Challenge is right around the corner. It is now only 15 days away from “train time!” The crew of travel bloggers is getting ready right now, picking up possible routes, coming up with ways to score the most scavenger items, and doing all the planning necessary for this bit of 30-day […]

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