Resting up with HostelBookers

We’re fast approaching the big start to the Ultimate Train Challenge adventure! And as we near the starting line, so too are we ramping up for some pretty hefty travel experiences. Getting from Lisbon to Saigon by train in 30 days requires a monumental amount of organization, planning, travel dexterity, flexibility, a dose of luck, and an iron-clad immune system.

Oh yeah. And being well-rested might help with all of the above.

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Resting with the Best

Booking a good night of sleep is almost second nature to us full-time travellers. We all regularly need to find somewhere to stay – sometimes in advance, sometimes not-so-much – in places we’re totally unfamiliar with.

This can be a challenge at the best of times. But there are ways to find a good place to put your head down for the night without losing sleep trying to accomplish the task.

HostelBookers is a personal favourite of mine for booking accommodation. Their search function is very easy to use, and you can narrow your results by price, customer ratings, or even click on the map view to find your ideal digs by proximity to the places you want to go. The pictures, description, and customer reviews help set the right expectations, and often help to narrow down choices as well.

There are no fees or service charges (nor a requirement to sign up for an account), and if you find the same accommodation somewhere else for a cheaper rate, they’ll refund double the difference.

hostelbookers logo on the ultimate train challenge

HostelBookers and UTC

We are thrilled to have HostelBookers on board as a partner and sponsor for the Ultimate Train Challenge!

Although some of us are claiming “purist” status and attempting to sleep almost exclusively on trains, we all still need somewhere to convene before the trip, reconvene before we board the Trans-Siberian in Moscow, and decompress in Saigon at the end.

This is where HostelBookers has offered to help.

Where we’re Sleeping

The Ultimate Train Challenge crew will meet in Lisbon at the end of August at Rossio Patio Hostel (which is a railway station no less – how appropriate!) for two nights before we scatter throughout Europe for the following few weeks.

Then we’ll reconvene in Moscow on September 16th at the brand new Prosto Hostel for one night before our Trans-Siberian experience and the second half of our train adventure.

And assuming we all survive (!), we’ll celebrate at Thien Thao Hotel in Saigon for a whole week of comatose recovery and frantic catching up on emails and our location independent work, in addition to a few wrap-up events and surprises.

Not just for Hostels

Another reason we’re big fans of HostelBookers is because you can use it to search for more than just hostels. You can book hotels, apartments, guesthouses, and even campsites in addition to hostels, and you can filter your search accordingly.

In fact, you may notice that in Saigon we’re staying in a nice hotel, since we’re all expecting to be a little worse-for-wear by the end of our 30 day extravaganza and are looking forward to some pampering.

Let’s Meet Up!

If anybody is planning to be in Lisbon, Moscow, and Saigon when we are, let us know, and come stay with us – it would be great to meet up! You can give us some scavenger hunt suggestions, and we’ll give you some hard-earned train travel tips.


HostelBookers  has joined the Ultimate Train Challenge adventure by coordinating our accommodation in Lisbon, Moscow, and Saigon. Remember, it’s also for charity – find out more about how you can get involved how you can get involved here

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3 Responses to Resting up with HostelBookers

  1. Bethany August 13, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Wow! Great news Michael!! So excited for your Journey!! The Trans Siberian has been a dream trip of mine for decades! :)

  2. Jeannie Mark August 13, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    I’m looking forward to the ROSE PETALS! :)

  3. Nora August 13, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    @Bethany – The Trans-Siberian is a world-class train trip, to be sure. We’re all stoked!

    @Jeannie – You’re so easy to please! :-)